Review of Fody Foods Green Enchilada Sauce

I LOVE enchiladas! They’re delicious, easy to make, and can easily cover many meals throughout the week. I used to make enchiladas with the expectation that I would be bloated afterwards because my favorite sauce was loaded with garlic and onion. No bueno. Thankfully, I have discovered a sauce that is equally delicious, but doesn’t lead to symptoms! (cue all the praise hands)

Fody Foods is a food company that has created low FODMAP products to make life with IBS easier, and tastier. You may be thinking “that’s great, but do their products actually compare to high FODMAP ones?” Don’t worry, I will do the research for you so you can purchase with a well-rounded expectation. First product to get a deeper look: Green Enchilada Sauce.

Let’s start with the cons. I love my enchiladas fully smothered in sauce. One bottle of Fody Foods Green Enchilada Sauce wasn’t quite enough to cover my entire pan (9x13). It still did the job, but I’d want a bottle and a half to get my ideal level of smother-ness. On that same note, one bottle is a little pricey at $5.99. I’ll pay it, because that cost will cover the time I would spend trying to make my own from scratch, or the pain I’d feel from a garlic-loaded sauce from the store.

Now to the pros. This sauce is packed with flavor! Many low FODMAP products have that “it’d be better with garlic” flavor, but this one is perfect! It is sweet and fresh, with a hint of spice. Also, the ingredients are all simple and whole foods. Listed, in order: tomatillos, water, anaheim peppers, distilled vinegar, avocado oil, arrowroot powder, organic cumin, himalayan pink salt, organic black pepper, and organic cilantro. No added sugar and nothing crazy hidden in this bottle. I felt no symptoms after the meal and my taste buds had no idea that I used an alternative. I will definitely be using this in my enchiladas moving forward, and may even use this as a sauce for tacos, huevos rancheros, and more! If you want to try it for yourself, click here. Get 15% off your order by using code ibs.nutrition15.