I help women with IBS manage their symptoms with the low FODMAP diet & lifestyle.


IBS Management Program

12 week structured program that provides guidance through the FODMAP diet to find your specific triggers in order to manage symptoms and feel good in your body.

Before working with Erin, I was wanting to start building a healthier relationship with food, and understand how to balance food/meals to promote energy... Erin took the food science lingo and made it understandable and “digestible” for a non-science person... I liked that she never pushed anything on me, but encouraged me to take ownership. The outcome of working with Erin is KNOWLEDGE! I’ve been applying what I’ve learned especially in regard to creating balance or how to prepare for an rigorous exercise regime... She really listened to my needs and even read between the lines when I wasn’t able to articulate what I was looking for...
— A.B.