1:1 IBS Management Program

Are you frustrated with your IBS symptoms? Do you desire to be confident in your food choices? Do you want to have a healthier relationship with your body and diet? Are you ready to take control of your IBS? This program is for you!

This is a 4 month structured program through the FODMAP diet and lifestyle interventions to manage IBS.

You will eliminate top triggers of IBS symptoms, then reintroduce them to find your specific triggers. We will also customize everything from the low FODMAP diet to fit into your lifestyle and specific nutrition needs.

In addition to finding triggers, we will also dig into the lifestyle behaviors and other nutrition interventions that can improve IBS symptoms, so that you have a holistic, sustainable plan moving forward!

I am so thankful to have found someone I really trust walking through this phase of challenges. My goal in working with Erin was to introduce new foods. I had been on FODMAP elimination for 3 years, and I felt like I just kept restricting more and more food. My time with Erin has helped to add things back in safely.

I love that Erin is knowledgeable about food and the body in a holistic way, which has not been my experience with past nutritionists. She thinks about all the things that affect the gut, and helped me become more aware of how my mental and emotional states could affect my symptoms.

After working with Erin, my diet is much more varied AND I feel more knowledgeable about trying new foods on my own, especially with the help of her resources. I feel a little more brave about it all, and I most definitely met many goals!
— Amy P

What to expect

8 virtual counseling sessions to gain knowledge, assess progress, and set goals for your IBS management plan.

Weekly check-in emails and food log reviews for for accountability and guidance.

Easy to use tools to increase confidence during the program, including food lists and a reintroduction schedule.

Text and email support during business hours for encouragement and quick questions between sessions.

I am so thankful for Erin’s IBS management program. I have had IBS-D for the past 13 years and started on the low fodmap diet two years ago. My IBS has improved greatly over the last year or so, thanks to naturopathic care. But I hadn’t been able to reintroduce any higher fodmap foods because I felt scared, overwhelmed and every time I tried, it seemed that everything caused symptoms. Erin has provided with me guidance and support on the correct way to reintroduce foods and great tips and tools for managing IBS symptoms. I feel much less overwhelmed about my diet and my IBS in general, which is very exciting! I am feeling really good much of the time and have found some high fodmap foods that do not cause symptoms. I am looking forward to continuing work with Erin in order to expand my diet to a wider range of foods that I’m able to tolerate. I am so grateful for this wonderful program and I’d highly recommend it to anyone with struggling with IBS.
— Allison E.

You can continue to let your IBS symptoms control what you do and how you feel each day, which will take away your quality of life. Or, you can choose to take action today to manage IBS and live a vibrant life, on your terms!

Cost: $900 total. Can be paid in 4 payments of $225 each.

Questions? Contact me here!

Erin’s program was extremely helpful in managing my IBS symptoms. She’s extremely caring, knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend this program to anyone having difficulties. My quality of life has greatly improved!
— Lindsay R.

Ready to get started?

Take your first step by applying for a free consult call to talk about your specific needs, discuss how the program can help, and get a feel for how we would work together!