IBS Management Program

12 week structured program through the FODMAP diet and lifestyle interventions to manage IBS. You will eliminate top triggers of IBS symptoms, then reintroduce them to find your specific triggers.

What you can expect:

  • 6 virtual nutrition counseling sessions to gain knowledge in evidence-based ways to manage your IBS symptoms, be encouraged, and set goals related to your IBS management plan

  • Weekly check-ins for accountability and guidance

  • Customized, easy to implement tools to increase your confidence during the FODMAP diet

  • Text and email support during business hours

This is for you if you are frustrated with your IBS symptoms, desire to be confident in your food choices, want to have a healthier relationship with your body and diet, and are ready to take control of your IBS!

Price: $600 - can be split into 3 payments.

Get started today by applying for a 15 minute discovery call below!