Find Support & Community for IBS

IBS can be isolating, but the journey doesn't have to be. The IBS Society is a safe place for those living with IBS to connect to others for support and accountability, and to receive expert tips and guidance around all things gut health.

As a member of the Society, you will learn about a range of topics, including cooking tips for the low FODMAP diet, ways to improve and understand your gut microbiome, stress management techniques and practical tips for mental health, how to support hormone balance to further support IBS, and more!

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As a member of the IBS Society, you get:


Experience content and conversations centered around living with and managing IBS that you can’t find anywhere else.


Meet others with IBS and build a community of support. Share your experiences, frustrations, and successes, then learn from each other!


Set weekly goals that you can be held accountable to in order to managing your symptoms and improve your overall health.


Participate in monthly workshops dive deeper into topics surrounding IBS and gut health, and monthly live Q&As for members only!