Use the Low FODMAP Diet to Manage IBS Symptoms


The low FODMAP diet is the most effective nutrition approach for identifying IBS food triggers and balancing the diet, so you can live without symptoms.

It can be tricky and confusing to navigate on your own, but this course will be your guide to success!

Cost: $179 USD. Covers your access to the course indefinitely and a 3 month trial of the IBS Society!


It’s possible to live a vibrant life with IBS, and my course makes it easy to learn how to do that with the low FODMAP diet.

You will learn the fundamentals of the low FODMAP diet and lifestyle habits to manage your symptoms with confidence.

You will be provided food lists, meal plans, a reintroduction schedule, symptom and food tracking pdf, and resources to help you apply what you’ve learned.

You will have ongoing support with a free trial to the IBS Society, an exclusive community group to set goals, be held accountable, and dive deeper into the course topics.

This course does not include individualized support, does not guarantee a one-size-fits-all solution, and is not suitable for those with eating disorders or other health problems. For individualized care, my IBS Management Program would be a better fit.


You can’t afford to keep living under the control of your IBS symptoms. Adopt the low FODMAP lifestyle and get your life back.

LESSON 1.png

Learn about IBS and FODMAP diet basics, common misconceptions, considerations before beginning, and how to prepare for the course.

LESSON 2.png

Learn how to manage IBS symptoms through stress management and lifestyle behaviors.

LESSON 3.png

With your food list in hand, learn how to navigate the elimination phase at home, on the go, and at restaurants. You’ll even have a meal plan to help!

LESSON 5 (1).png

Follow the reintroduction schedule with tips and tricks for identifying your food trigger groups. There is a meal plan example to help you figure it all out!

LESSON 5 (2).png

Learn how to incorporate foods back into your diet, based on your food triggers. Be encouraged with tips for moving forward.