Low FODMAP Diet E-Course

Have you been diagnosed with IBS and are confused about how to manage it?

Do you struggle with chronic constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, and/or gas?

Were you told to try out a low FODMAP diet, but you are aren’t sure how to do it correctly?

This course is for you!

Cost: $179 USD. Covers your access to the course indefinitely and a 3 month trial of the IBS Society!

What the course is:

The Low FODMAP Diet E-Course will increase your confidence in managing IBS by teaching you the fundamentals of the low FODMAP diet and lifestyle interventions. You will learn through short video lessons, supplemental reading materials, and downloadable guides. You will be provided food lists, a reintroduction schedule, sample meal plans, symptom/food tracking log, and more to help you apply what you have learned. As a student, you also have the invitation to join The IBS Society for added support and a deeper dive into the content. We will go past the diet and cover every single aspect of managing IBS, together!

Read below for a list of videos you get with each lesson!

What the course is not:

  • Individualized support. For 1-on-1 guidance, my IBS Management Program is a better fit.

  • A guaranteed, one-size-fits-all solution. We are all different, and IBS will affect us differently. This is simply what we know helps most people with IBS, laid out in an easy-to-apply format.

  • Appropriate for those with eating disorders, or those with high-risk nutrition/health needs. These conditions require 1-on-1 care. Let’s talk more about it here.

  • Going to solve all of your problems with one click. The course is full of valuable information and helpful tips, but you are responsible for applying it.

LESSON 1.png


IBS 101

Digestion, IBS Symptoms, & Mental Health


Common Misconceptions


Considerations Before Beginning

How to Prepare

LESSON 2.png


Breath & Meditation





Action Steps

LESSON 3.png

Elimination Phase Intro

Food Lists

Meal Planning

Eating Out


Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Food

Bonus: Considerations for Plant-Based Diets

Bonus: What If the Low FODMAP Diet Isn’t Working

LESSON 5 (1).png

Challenge Phase Intro

Reintroduction Schedule



LESSON 5 (2).png

Customization Phase Intro

How to Filter Trigger Foods



Moving Forward