Low FODMAP Guide to Taco Bell

One of the top questions I get from clients and social media followers is “what do I eat on the go?” The low FODMAP diet is tricky enough at home, but it can be even more challenging eating out. To help relieve some of that confusion, I have put together a low FODMAP guide series to common fast-food restaurants. We have already visited Panera and Chipotle, so now it’s time for a personal favorite: Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is pretty tricky for the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet, but there are a couple of options if you’re in a bind. If you have walked through reintroductions and have more tolerance of some high FODMAP ingredients, you will have more options to enjoy!


Most proteins are seasoned with high FODMAP ingredients, like garlic, onion, and wheat. Unfortunately, that means fire grilled chicken, grilled steak and chicken, seasoned beef, and sausage are all high FODMAP. Beans are another protein, but they are high FODMAP by themselves, and also contain garlic and onion.

Your safest proteins will be bacon, egg, and cheese. So your Taco Bell run may be best for breakfast. Sounds like the best nutrition advice, right? (ha, not really, but do what you gotta do).

If you know you can tolerate small amounts of onion and garlic, you may be able to enjoy a small serving of one of these proteins, but be mindful about how you pair higher FODMAP options together.


All flatbreads and flour tortilla will be made with wheat, so they’ll naturally be high FODMAP. However, if you know you can tolerate small amounts of wheat, 1-2 tortillas may be tolerated. The rice is seasoned with garlic and onion (shocker), as well as the potato bites, so those items may be off limits too.

Corn tortillas and tortilla chips are low FODMAP and your safest options. Hash brown potatoes will also be low, so that may be a nice side to a breakfast option.


For toppings, choose fresh ingredients like lettuce, cilantro, jalapenos, and tomatoes. Choose cheese per your tolerance.

All sauces are high FODMAP, but Tabasco hot sauce is safe. You can bring your own low FODMAP salsa if you want a little more flavor.