Low FODMAP Diet Guide to Chipotle

The low FODMAP diet is hard enough to manage at home, so eating out can be an added challenge that many people find overwhelming and frustrating. I always tell my clients that eating out is a chance to try something new, do your best, then give yourself grace when it’s not “perfect.” To help you do your best, I’ve decided to start a low FODMAP diet guide series to some of the more popular food chains. First up : Chipotle.

Skip the tortilla, beans, & salsas

The first thing you’ll want to do when ordering at Chipotle is ditch the flour tortilla and opt for a burrito bowl with rice, or a salad. The seasoned rice is low FODMAP, and you can get the crispy corn tortillas if you prefer tacos!

Beans can quickly become high FODMAP, and are resistant starches, so they will be more difficult to digest. Both black and pinto beans at Chipotle are cooked with garlic, so even a small amount may not be tolerated.

All of the salsas are made with high FODMAP ingredients, like garlic and onion. Instead, add flavor with fresh tomatoes (ask the staff nicely for diced tomatoes, due to intolerance) and hot sauce, or bring your own low FODMAP salsa (like this one!).

Choose your protein

Unfortunately, Chipotle uses garlic to marinate their steak, chicken, barbecoa, and sofritas. Carnitas will be the only low FODMAP protein option. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you could choose to have a small amount of black beans or sofritas, but you will not be fully eliminating garlic so you could feel some symptoms from the meal.

Add toppings

Many toppings will contain either garlic, onion, or lactose, including guacamole, salsas, sour cream, and queso. Instead, choose lettuce, ask for fresh vegetables like tomatoes and corn, and use a small amount of cheese. You can also ask for fresh cilantro and lime to add more flavor!

I know it’s not fun having to make a ton of changes to every meal you eat, but avoiding symptoms can be worth it. If you have done a proper reintroduction of FODMAPs, you may be able to incorporate more ingredients. If you haven’t worked through the low FODMAP to determine your triggers, my program may be a good fit for you.