Low FODMAP Guide to Burger Stops

To continue our low FODMAP guide series for fast-food restaurants, I decided to put all of the burger stops together! The benefit to grabbing a burger on the go is that many beef patties do not have garlic or onion, so they can be a solid choice for protein when you’re in a hurry. For the fries, sides, and toppings… that’s where things get tricky. For all of these, it may be helpful to bring your own low FODMAP dressings and ketchup.

Burger King

For breakfast, your low FODMAP options will be the croissan’wich sans bun with egg, bacon or ham, and cheese (per your tolerance). You can also have the oatmeal! Hashbrowns do contain wheat, so they’re off limits unless you can tolerate smaller portions of wheat/fructan. Pancakes will be high FODMAP.

For lunch and dinner, all beef patties are low FODMAP! Remove the bun, top with fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomato, and avoid sauces. You may be able to tolerate a slice of cheese. French fries are safe as a side, or you can choose a garden salad without dressing or croutons. Bring your own dressing to add flavor.

The seasoned chicken breast may contain garlic or onion. The veggie burger will also contain high FODMAP ingredients, so beef burgers are the safest choice.


For breakfast, the steel cut oats are safe, but be mindful about any toppings. Egg sandwiches will also be safe without bread or sauces.

For lunch or dinner, Beef patties are low FODMAP, so choose a burger with fresh veggies and cheese (per your tolerance). Ditch the bun and sauce. French fries and a garden salad without dressing are safe sides. The broccoli cheese potato may be safe too. You can remove the cheese sauce if you’re sensitive to lactose.

Grilled and fried chicken options contain either wheat, garlic, or onion, so those will be high FODMAP. The berry burst salad will be safe if you remove the chicken and dressing.


For breakfast, egg sandwiches without the bread or pork are low FODMAP. Enjoy cheese per your tolerance.

For lunch and dinner, beef patties are safe. Enjoy a burger with fresh vegetables, pickles, no bun, and no sauce. Side salad is safe without dressing, but fries do contain wheat so they are high. All chicken breasts also contain wheat and garlic, so burgers are your safer option.

In-N-Out Burger

Choices here are simple: beef patties in lettuce with fresh veggies and a slice of cheese are safe! Avoid buns or sauce. Fries are also safe!