Symptom and Food Tracking Apps for IBS

Co-authored by intern Aubrey Baker.

Food tracking apps are helpful tools for people who want to log their food intake throughout the day to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need. For some people, focusing solely on tracking nutrients can be fine, but for those with IBS, an extended version of an app to focus on factors like symptoms, can be helpful.

We reviewed 5 apps that can all be found on the Apple App Store that track your diet AND your symptoms. We have listed the apps based on the amount of people that have reviewed these apps and their rankings out of 7 stars.  They are listed below starting with the highest rank to the lowest. Side note: some apps have lower rankings because they have recently been released. Review the list, check them out, and see which one is best for you!

1. Cara: Food, Mood and Poop Tracker

Let’s start with Cara: Food, Mood and Poop Tracker. This app focuses on recording mood, poop, symptoms and food. It was developed by doctors to help understand the connection between your mind, gut, nutrition and wellbeing.


  • Records food (with pictures), poop, digestion (bloating, tummy pain), mood stress, period/menstrual cycle, skin condition, workout, sleep, pain, and medications.

  • Saves your favorite meals for faster tracking

  • Adds personal notes such as feelings or events

  • Adds your personal symptoms such as migraines, nausea, gas…

  • Exports your diary as a PDF or CVS (to show it to your doctor or dietitian)

1,120 people have rated this app and gave it 4.7/7 stars. This app is free and targets people with bowel problems, inflammatory diseases, IBS, skin problems, food sensitivities and intolerances.

2. mySymptoms Food Diary

mySymptoms Food Diary has the second highest rating of 969 ratings with 4.6/7 stars. This was the only app that actually costs money, but provided valid reasons as to why. mySymptoms is a flexible diary for tracking food, bowel health, stress, sleep, mood, medications and symptoms to gain insights into your digestive health and well-being.


  • The ability to record food, drink, medication, mood, stress, exercise, environment and other activities

  • Records symptom intensity and time

  • Records bowel movements (using Bristol scale), energy and sleep quality

  • Creates PDF report or CSV export of your diary

  • Multi-user: keeps a diary for each member of the family

  • Password protection option

  • Backup option

  • Discovers patterns between your diet and symptoms

  • Views suspect foods, trends and correlations between food and symptoms

This app focuses on people who suffer IBS, IDB, food intolerance and sensitivities, acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, Celiac, SIBO, Ulcerative colitis, migraines and cluster headaches, eczema, and heartburn. It is also useful for tracking during the FODMAP diet.

3. Bowelle-The IBS Tracker

Bowelle is described specifically as an IBS tracker. This app states that it’s designed to be the quickest, most easy-to-use food and symptom diary on the App store. Visual representations make it easier to discover patterns and determine how you feel over longer periods of time. It was ranked 4.4/ 7 stars by 11 raters, and it is free.


  • Records sow you feel, food, water intake, stress levels, sleep, step count, and bowel movements

  • Has a section for notes

  • Gives a detailed history of all data

4. Dieta: Diet + Data

Dieta states that its mission is to help you improve your digestive health by using big data and machine learning technology. The Dieta app is your food, poop, medication, symptom and activity tracker, all rolled in one. Dieta is developed by a team of data scientist, doctors, engineers and designers who are passionate about helping you improve your digestive health with better information. It is ranked 5/7 stars by 1 rater and is free.


  • Tracks medication, bowel movement, and food

  • Bowel movement tracking consists of consistency, difficulty to pass, pain level, completeness of evacuation, smell and urgency

  • Calculates dosage, quantity, and types of medications


FODMAPLAB: Low FODMAP Diet App is free for a limited time and is rated 2.5/ 7 stars by 6 raters. The app focuses specifically towards people who follow the Low FODMAP diet. This app states that it is a perfect companion app for Low FODMAP users.

  • Highlights:

  • You can easily access and look up food and their FODMAP amounts

  • Records your experience and symptoms with foods

  • Keeps track of how your symptoms change over time

  • Lets you search a wide variety of foods, use and combine filters, browse through categories and collection of foods

  • Gives overview of each food’s FODMAP content, portion size guidelines, and your past experiences with food

  • Provides a visual graph of data and insight

 All of these apps are merely suggestions and do not provide medical advice. It is encouraged to work alongside a dietitian when managing IBS and understanding what foods to choose. These apps can all be found by typing, “food and symptom trackers” on the iPhone application app. This blog summarizes the description and focal points of each app and is not based on personal experience. Erin Judge and Judge Nutrition & Wellness are not affiliated with any of these apps.